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The Smallest Happy Number

With subtle wit, great imagination and evocative sentiment, this enchanting tale follows a formative and idealistic period of Billy's life in the late '70s before catching up with him in the present day.

It's 1978 and it's a time when Billy experiences his first stirrings of romance and his first taste of bereavement; a time when he takes on a fight for justice that will live with him for the rest of his life; and a time when he discovers that friendship and love defy the boundaries of age.

What is the link between the derelict factory and the pristine Austin Seven Swallow under wraps in Ada's garage? Will Ada ever succumb to neighbour Oved's romantic overture? And what is the reward awaiting Billy and Andy for helping out in Ada's garden?

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Metaxa and Coke

Jeff looks at some of his old holiday photos. He’s on his way back to the Corfu haunt of his youth, only this time he’s fast approaching 40 and beginning to wonder what his purpose is in life.

He may not realise it, as he pines for the carefree days when he had confidence and hair, but he’s about to embark on a journey of discovery that will bring him the answers he’s looking for... and, unbeknown to him, it’s all hidden in one of those slightly dog-eared pictures and the orange in the tree above his sunbed.

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The Smallest Happy Number
Metaxa and Coke
Back of the Radio